Great tablets at affordable prices!

In buying a tablet, there are a number of attractive choices with numerous and outstanding features, such that a buyer has endless options to choose from.This can make selection pretty difficult for most buyers as every manufacturer’s aim is to compel a buyer to reach for the most unique and affordable option. Too many of us are inclined to the idea of owning a popular brand of tablethowever;we must pay close attention to certain things when making that consideration. Price is a key consideration as any remarkable and handy computer will also come with a remarkable and sometimes not so handy price.

An ideal computer could range from $500 range to $1,000typically and at other times, it could cost much more. We are even more obsessed about owning one as daily we see close acquaintances, friends and neighbors flaunt theirs. Sitting near a stranger for coffee at Starbucks and seeing them use a unique tablet, could even be a reminder that it is now time to own yours.

Too many times, we rarely use all the features embedded in a priced tablet, hence we should be more inclined to owning a tablet that solves our actual needs and also stands the test of time, not just the embellishment. Technology is ever evolving and a trendy device today would most likely become outdated in the next six months. Too many times, they are almost out of fashion at the point of purchase and we may soon realize that there are critical issues about the device, one that we failed to notice in our enthusiasm. There will always be improved devices and we are bound to come up with reasons why purchasing a newer version is inexcusable.

Ease of carriage, handiness, mobility and flexibility are easily the reasons why a tablet is a preferred choice for most users. It is very hands on and one can access the web, mails and the media at the snap of the fingers.

Before choosing a tablet, outline the priorities and the primary needs,otherwise you might just purchase a tablet for the sake of it and not because it is a necessityFor someone in the market for a tablet, it is important to know what to look out for, including which options are essential and which ones a person can live without. Want to make your next buy? Pay attention to the following;

The Operating System In choosing a tablet, your utmost focus should be on the functionality of the operating system. You will find that there are four ideal types of operating systems.

Blackberry RIM, the manufacturer of BlackBerry smartphones has an exclusive OS, tailor made for its tablets i.e. the BlackBerry Tablet OS. What makes this OS unique is its compatibility with the BlackBerry cell phone. This is a delight to every blackberry phone user.

Microsoft Windows The Windows OS advantage is its compatibility with laptops and desktops. This makes for ease of transfer to other portable devices .This feature gives Windows OS a niche even though it holds a small share of the tablet market.

AppleApple’s OS is easily the most popular in recent times and this is solely ascribed to all Apple products.This has given it a more exclusive and less flexible outlook in terms of upgrade and customization.

Google Android This may look and feel like Apple’s OS but it is not entirely same. Android is not only more popularly used and user friendly, it also has a more flexible and variety of customization.

Wireless Connectivity A large number of tablets have Wi-Fi capability. Not all tablets support the 802.11b/g Wi-Fi specification, hence you may want to consider the other Wi-Fi version as 802.11b/g Wi-Fi may not be sufficient for streaming and large downloads. You may want to opt for a tablet, compatible with the 0802.11n specification, as it is broader. An ideal tablet is one that provides a complete Wi-Fi connectivity and supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radio bands.

Memory A Bigger memory is a win any day. A typical tablet has a built in memory of about 1 GB to 500 GB, so this can be quite useful if your budget does not cover an external memory but if your budget does and you require sufficiency, then you can consider an external memory capacity .Keep in mind that this can be in the tune of up to 32GB .



Most tablets come with a back or front-facing camera. The location of the camera is sometimes unclear, so look out for where the camera is situated if you are opting for a tablet with just one camera. Camera resolutions in tablets are usually not far- fetched from that of smartphones. For the avoidance of doubt, printing an 8x10 image without cropping or modification requires a minimum of 4 MP.

Inputs and Outputs

Allowing your tablet computer provide multiple external connections especially if it’s not through a wireless connection is an overkill.However, if you have one with a 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB port , then you are enabled to make various transfers with a cable or a flash drive of course. There are also manufacturer provisions, enabling connection to keyboards and docking stations.


A large number of tablet owners prefer using their headphones; however, the use of internal tablet speakers is also a possibility. These speakers are not built to produce loud sounds as they are usually tiny.

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Have your Tablet Protected Considering the price of one tablet, it is recommended that youkeep it covered and well protected, especially when you travel.This is why you need a tablet case. Buying a tablet that already comes with its own case is one smart way to save cost. Keep this in mind when you are buying a tablet.

  • Buy A Tablet, Only If You Can Afford IT Choosing a tablet can sometimes get confusing and with the in surge of various products, one may likely drift away from a proposed budget if they do not narrow their choices down from the onset. Be mindful of taking up too much information on all the varieties as that may be one sure way to exceed a budget to and spend unplanned fortunes.Most of the pricey tablets costing up to hundreds of dollars surprisingly have same features as the other ones, considered as just basic.Often times, the supposed basic ones even do better, are easier to use, convenient for home or office use and are not age restrictive.

  • Some of these features include but are not limited to multi cameras, bluetooth connection, super resolution and screen display, a Windows and Android Os and even much more. Again, most of them have expendable memories should you require sufficiency of storage.

  • What makes a tablet is not its price as many of the advertisers portray. Pricey does not always mean good quality. There are a good number of sound tablets to choose from, depending on your needs and they all do not have to cost an arm and a leg. Android or not, there lots of good and affordable choices.